Currently looking at the The Bridewell Interiors project

Avon & Somerset Police wanted to give a new experience to the word Police Station.

Tactile and soft finishes in reception create warm open space where people feel welcome and relaxed.  Imagery of police offers within newly designed corporate graphics gives the public a glimpse of police work in the city of Bristol.

In the main offices multi coloured walk ways direct users though the space.  A new concept was brought to the space, "The Streets of Bristol".  Images of notable areas of Bristol are printed onto glazed partitions.  Street signs are used to decorate pin boards and dry wipe boards as well as names of areas to rooms.

A new vibrant colour palette in the rest room defines the area.  We carried on the imagery theme in the splash back, wallpaper and internal glazing.
Directional signage was a major part of the operations of the building, we worked very closely with the signage company and the client to allow a tailor designed and manufactured signage package.