Poole Housing Partnership Hillbourne housing scheme receives unanimous planning approval


Poole Housing Partnership’s proposal for 81 houses and a block of 29 independent living apartments has received unanimous approval by BCP Council’s planning committee. The application includes a new vehicle and pedestrian access, as well as a link path between Kitchener Crescent and Kilbourne Road.

This is a major development in which BCP Council has an interest in the land whereby the site layout, scale, massing, and density has been thoughtfully designed to complement the existing neighborhood.

Kendall Kingscott is providing architectural services on the scheme which is designed to Passivhaus principles. Homes will be highly insulated, detailed to reduce thermal bridging and built to high air tightness standards. Thermal modelling dictated window sizes and orientation to reduce summer heat gains and winter heat loss. The contemporary design of the houses and apartment block reflects these principles whilst external materials, echo those widely used in the local area.  

The social and economic benefits of providing 110 dwellings which are in keeping with the pattern of development in the area outweighed any minor risk to the environment and it was agreed that the scheme can achieve the economic, social and environmental objectives of sustainable development.

A design and access statement submitted on behalf of the applicant by Kendall Kingscott said: “The proposals for affordable housing at Hillbourne have grown out of a collaborative dialogue with BCP Council and consultations with local residents and specialist consultants. The proposals will create sustainable and contemporary homes designed for residents of all ages and backgrounds.”

Poole Housing Partnership is aiming to start construction in May 2022 and have it completed by the summer of 2024.