Kendall Kingscott’s Response to COVID-19


We are closely monitoring the situation in the UK as it evolves and our contingency plans have been formulated from the latest advice from Government, NHS and WHO.

We are aiming to keep our offices open for business, unless we are instructed otherwise by authorities.

Our staff are following government guidance on self-isolation and we are issuing regular updates to keep them fully informed as well as ensuring that we are complying with the latest advice.

We already operate a comprehensive agile working programme and all of our people are equipped to work securely from home. The robustness of our remote working capability has been tested. We are confident that our technology and best practices will enable us to provide a consistently high level of service irrespective of the location of our people or the length of time any alternative working arrangements may be required.

If any of our team is confirmed as having contracted the virus, we will update client and project team members that might be affected. We will aim to minimise disruption to projects by redistributing workload and responsibilities as soon as we can.

Like other businesses, for the safety and wellbeing be of staff, we are currently adopting a considered and proportionate approach to business travel with use of public transport being discouraged. All non-essential meetings and training events have been postponed and we will undertake conference calls/video conferencing wherever possible. This will typically be in Microsoft Teams or Skype.

Business Continuity and Crisis Management plans are in place company wide. They are up to date and the business impact analysis reflects prioritised activities and business critical activities.

Identification of key and critical staff on contracts has taken place along with cross-training and establishing covering arrangements.

Should the government advice change, we will update our plans/advice accordingly.

If you have any queries regarding our response, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Jon Press

Managing Director