Kendall Kingscott Wins Planning Approval for Almshouses in Exeter


Kendall Kingscott have secured planning permission on behalf of Exeter Homes Trust, for a 31-flat almshouse apartment scheme in Fairpark Rd, Exeter to replace the original 1920s houses that were not economically viable for refurbishment. Our Bristol studio team first started work on the site in 2015. 

After a lengthy planning process of more than two years, Exeter City Council planning committee came out strongly in favour of consent (7-1) despite local opposition and the objection by Historic England and Exeter’s heritage officer who gave significant weight to the importance of the original almshouses, which they considered to be undesignated heritage assets.

Our team remained adamant the scheme was a fitting addition to Fairpark Road and Bull Meadow Park, providing much needed housing in a highly sustainable location. We worked hard with help from JLL Heritage and Rackham Planning, to convince Exeter City Council of the overwhelming public benefit the almshouses would bring to the community and they ultimately agreed it would outweigh any potential harm to the heritage assets.

This was a collaborative team effort for Kendall Kingscott involving several colleagues, past and present. It is a testament to our staying power, resilience and our ability to deliver complex planning schemes on prominent city centre sites.